About us

THAZHAYIL FINANCE PRIVATE LIMITED is a Non Banking Finance Company controlled and regulated by Reserve Bank Of India. As a corporate entity with humble beginning, THAZHAYIL is continuously securing the people and society creating spontaneous service opportunity with a trustworthy track record of more than 50 years. We are so delighted to say that we have modernized the traditional activity, introducing professionalism, technology and up to date management practices.

At THAZHAYIL we stimulate the mutual growth of our customers through Trust and Responsibility. The way we provide service to our customers is far better than any other players in the field. We always value our people and provide each of them with an opportunity to grow and realize their full potential. With our continuous effort and hard work, we aim greater heights and excellent results that promise a visible difference in the finance industry in India.

As a Non Banking Finance Company, we are adopting fast growing global operating systems by keeping pace with Banking and Information Technology. Our company has gained the trust of the people through innovative business plans exclusively designed for the customers in Kerala.Within a short span of time, the Company could establish its own identity in the financial sector .We hope in the ensuing years in its expansion phase, the Company shall be opening new avenues across India.A highly developed management system with a dedicated team of professionals in a fully automated environment ensure high competence and performance at all levels. We now have a good spread across major cities and small towns across the country.. As an NBFC, we would like to grow in markets where there will be greater need of our services.


Established in the year 1967 by late Sri.Yohannan Thomas with its registered office at Elanthoor, Pathanamthitta, THAZHAYIL GROUP has become an acclaimed name in the financial sector in the state of Kerala within a short span of time. Initially the Group started its operations by name THAZHAYIL CHITTY FUND in Pathanamthitta District.

Since then, it has been witnessing remarkable growth touching new milestones year on year. As the company grew, Dr. Thomas John (eldest son of Mr. Yohannan Thomas) also joined the business in 1975 and changed the style of business to give gold loan to the public under the name ‘THAZHAYIL FINANCE’. When Dr.Thomas John took over the charge, it was this unyielding trust and the goodwill of Thazhayil that served as the source of business.Gradually 18 branches were opened at various places of Pathanamthitta district and expanded its business segments including foreign money transfer, foreign exchange, education, real estate, health care and information technology during 2007-2015. Dr.Thomas John launched an initiative to collect small retail investments from among the customers belonging to Pathanamthitta area who were familiar with the legacy of his father. As a result, he was able to mobilize fund for Gold Loan operations.

The company has started its NBFC operations in the year 2017 by name THAZHAYIL FINANCE PRIVATE LIMITED with great enthusiasm and dedication under the influential leadership of Dr.Genoy John as Managing Director, the youngest son of Dr. Thomas John.


The major objective of THAZHAYIL FINANCE PRIVATE LIMITED company is to provide the existing members an acceptable way to achieve all their short and long term financial goals. The following are some specific objectives:

  • To become a most excellent NBFC in the sector capable of meeting financial requirements of people.
  • To uplift the value of our customers and ensure reasonable returns for the people by encouraging systematic and safe investments.
  • To explore and utilize all possible business prospects and extend our financial services to public at large.
  • To design and implement varied business products and to promote entrepreneurial skills of people
  • To provide customers with easy accessibility of all provisions of the Company leading them towards taking sensible choices for financial stability.
  • To offer rewarding careers to employees that attracts and retains professional quality providing safe and secure work culture in the company.
  • To guarantee transparency in all dealings especially administrative and business affairs of the company


  • Easy Accessibility to wide variety of savings, investments, products and investment schemes.
  • Dedicated employees who maintain customer relationship and customer delight.
  • Committed to provide our customers with the highest level of reliable service and the most innovative financial products
  • Solid reputation for work efficiency, effectiveness, dedication
  • Online banking and high speed business avenues
  • Trust and Guarantee of fairness and transparency in all dealings
  • Totally free from all sorts of unethical financial practices
  • A long tradition of strength, financial discipline and goodwill over the years.


It has always been THAZHAYIL's endeavour to exceed and excel through better corporate governance and fair and transparent practices operated from its Head Quarters. THAZHAYIL believes in leveraging the resources to translate dreams into opportunities and opportunities into realities, to infuse people with vision that sparks dynamism and entrepreneurship, to create a system of succession which combines stability and flexibility and continuity with change.